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Album Pages

We do have multiple opt. but our preferred choice is FLUSH MOUNT.

We are using Lay flat photo books primarily for all our wedding album. There are several different styles of lay flat books, but first we wanted to give you the basic definition. In general, it means that when you open your book the pages lay completely flat, they don’t flip back up, the pages don’t wrinkle or crease, and most important of all, nothing gets lost in the gutter down the middle. One of the main advantages of lay flat photo books is that you can spread a photo so it flows across two pages in a panorama. It also means a step up in paper. It’s usually thicker and heavier than standard photo book paper, but the firmness and weight vary quite a bit from company to company. 

It can get a bit confusing because there are several book styles that “lay flat.”  One isn’t necessarily better than the other, because there are so many variables between paper and printing as well as binding among online photo book services. It comes down to what is best for your specific book and your pocketbook. Having said that, we opt for Flush Mount Albums.

Flush Mount Albums

Nue Flush Mount by Canvera



SIZE : 10 X 14


This is the book (Album) of love, with beautiful sweet memories, sharing which makes you to see often when you are relaxing to music, sipping a cup of tea and slowly turning the pages with a smile on your face. This book is simply about you and your Loved one with fun and joy of the day. The Album is designed to your taste. Yes, we “Really care for your Memories” no templates are used. Your wedding book will be unique and priceless to you.


This is the album which contains great picture blends with journalistic style. Your wedding day story can be narrated by its picture, we believe that good pictures tells great story. High-end album printing with luster paper it is thick card stock and the printing works exceptionally well for our images. The images just glow the colors pop, vibrance, feel of the day remains captured on these pages. Having something printed in your hands is just magical and the attention to detail is impressive. The lining inside the box is stitched carefully to the edges with no loose ends and no ugly knots in sight and binding edge is true lay flat. ​

Album first and last pages will be half white art paper with micro textured. The Album delivered to you with Certificate of Quality. All those features provided by the Best PhotoBook Asia Pacific & Japan HP Digital Print Award winner Canvera ™