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Photo Selection

Select only what you LOVE!

When you receive your photos, selecting the photos for print album is the most time taking job. Infact most of them have taken years to select the photos for printing. 

Traditionally you had to make a folders or even write down the list of the photos. We have made this process easy for you by using custom gallery with all the photos which allows you to favorite your photos you want to print in album. 

When you are ready for selecting the photos for the album, We will give you a link in which can select the pictures you want print in the album.

This is no doubt a time taking process but good part of the gallery allows you select on your photos on all devices smart phone/ tablet / desktops so if you can spend time it would be done.

Don’t over select pictures – Select only the best pictures as we don’t delete what you select.

Once the you select the photos, we will start your album design. 

Please Note:  Photo Selection link for each of our customer is available for limited time only.  As of now you would be getting 2 weeks for free of cost, so we suggest you opt to take the link depending on your schedule. 

How many photos to select for 50 pages album

Approximately 180 photos.

Number of photos generally depends on which events are going to be printed. 

How many photos to select for 100 pages album

Approximately 350 photos.

Most preferred for full coverage of the Weddings

If the design is over the limit of pages

A note will be sent about excess pages in design, you should either delete pages if you don’t want over your budget, approving the design does mean you are willing to pay the extra charge which may occur.

My favorite list is way over the limit ?

Go for separate albums for different events.


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