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Image Back-up

Everything Look Great Till that moment we cant find the files.

From 2013, we are keen that our workflow is crash proof. We had issues with memory cards, hard drives and crazy card recoveries. We maintain a backup of the backup of the backup. That’s not a typo, its 3 backups on a total of every file from shoot to delivery. Once we delivery we maintain 2 backups of the final edited files.

This might be quite intimidating as we don’t want to be a bad memory in your life. Having said that, we have crazy number of hard drives preserving your images. 

  • If you have not taken the high-resolution files from us with 6 months of the delivery date, we move the final edited copies into our non-destructive backup hard drives which hold your backup images.
  • One we delivery your images and video, a backup copy of your wedding final edited photos and video is stored in non-destructive hard drives for your safekeeping.
  • Depending on when you ask these files, we will charge what it costs us for keeping the files safe.
  • If you like a Hard Disk with these backup files, we can purchase that for you on Amazon and ship it to you with all the files on it. Additional charges apply*


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