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Post Production

All your post production / Editing Questions are answered here !

Q: “Do you re-touch all the images on our image DVD?”

A: Yes we do re-touch or enhance the images. Every image we deliver is post produced with our unique style of basic post production. This involves color correction, light adjustment, selective black and white processing, clarity adjustments, tone-mapping, and other corrections. Many photographers will not post produce any, or will only post produce “selected” images from your wedding, but for us its a half done job.We really take care of what we give out.

I need raw photos, Will you give them ?

A: We don’t give out the raw photos. (You may always ask, if you don’t like an edit of a picture/pictures, They will be re-edited as per your description. This scenario never came up for us, as we don’t add any crazy art effects, there will be only be effects which would complement the photo/subject in the picture)

I need raw video dump, Will you give them ?

A: Yes, we do give the raw video data after we give your final video output.

Do you deliver every image you shoot ?
A: No we do not. We eliminate duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that may dilute the overall product delivery. With our expertise of processing millions of images each year, we may eliminate ones that we feel are duplicates and only deliver the best one.
When do I get our final images?
A: Typically 6 – 8 weeks.If we have a very busy schedule we make sure you will receive them in 8 weeks max. which we mention on your pdf proposal. Yes it might take a while but trust us the wait worth it. Our promise. 🙂
Do you shoot in JPEG or Raw ?
A: Glad you asked. We shoot most of our images in Small Raw on canon systems , Raw on Nikon, & in certain situations where we move to Large Raw. Quite technical to explain why we do what we do 😉
What do you mean by re-touching up the photos ?
A: “Touching up” in our post production is the same as signature basic post production. No we don’t do detail correction on each & every image.Don’t worry we flatter you 😛