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posing ideas for couples

A standard portrait of a couple, close up so you can see their beautiful faces.

posing ideas for couples

A great and simple couples pose with them sitting together on a bench (or similar), wrapping their arms and hands around each other.

posing ideas for couples

A great way to change up the standard forward-facing pose is to have the couple look over their shoulders at you, like this one with them sitting on the ground.

posing ideas for couples

A classic couples pose with one behind the other. Having them look at each other, smile, laugh – rather than look at the camera is a great idea to get a more candid shot.

posing ideas for couples

Here’s another popular couples pose, with the smaller of the two standing behind. By having them turn to the side, you can get both of them in clear view. Here they are looking at the camera.

Go in for the close up in this pose as well!


Whenever you’re in a position, go through a few different looks. Have them both look at you, then look at each other, then one looks at you while the other looks at their partner (and visa versa), like the above pose.

Here’s a similar pose with the man facing the woman. The woman isn’t directly facing the camera, but rather looking slightly off-camera, which can result in a great candid pose.


Here’s a full body pose similar to the previous one, but with the couple facing their bodies toward one another.

Go in for the close up in this position to get a very important photo like the illustration above.

Pay attention to which direction their bodies are facing and where their hands are. Changing these things can create a completely different pose.

posing ideas for couples

While shooting, make sure you get more creative compositions like this one with the couple laying on the ground, shooting their profile. Tell them to act naturally and to try to forget you are there.

posing ideas for couples

When getting full body shots, here’s a fun one. Have your couple dance or spin and click away!

posing ideas for couples

If possible, have one person pick up the other for this energetic pose.

Another way to pose the couple while sitting on the ground. Make sure you get close up and wide shots while shooting.

Who doesn’t like a back-to-back shot? Doing this kind of pose while sitting down can be a bit more natural, rather than standing up. Also, having them look at each other is nice – but also have them look at you while in this position.

If they’re up for it, have them stand and go back to back. Folding their arms give them something to do with their hands.

This photo of their backs can be a great one when set up in a perfect environment. Make sure you pay attention to the backgrounds while shooting your photos.

Another similar pose to before of the whole body. Try getting more negative space and using the rule of thirds to balance out this composition.

Similar to an above pose, this changes the way the couple is sitting and can be more natural for some couples.

Have the couple dance and forget about you to get a fun photo like this one. You may have to ask them to dance slower than normal so you have enough time to adjust framing and settings to get the right shot.

Have the couple walk slowly towards you and away from you.

While they’re walking away, have them kiss if comfortable with that and then pause with their foreheads together.

Bring a blanket and have the couple lie on their stomachs to get this pose.

Shot from a high angle, this pose is full of love and happiness.